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Keeping it Clean…Are unorganized supply areas costing you money and compromising patient safety?

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Unorganized Supply Room Like Teenagers Bedroom

Part Two of Two Part Series Do your medical-surgical supply rooms remind you of a teenager’s messy bedroom — things hanging out, cluttered shelves and a look of general mayhem?  Unorganized supply areas are a marker of unorganized processes and the lack of an automated, integrated inventory management system.  This negatively impacts your financial and

Can the Right Procurement System Drive
Non-Labor Savings?

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Right Procurement Savings

Things are tight in healthcare. Declining reimbursement means health systems are considering all options for margin management – from testing new revenue streams to reducing non-labor expenses 20% to 30%.[i] Optimizing quality and improving financial performance are perpetual objectives for any health system, but at McKesson, it’s become a cornerstone of our Better Health 2020™