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Todd Tabel is responsible for the overall operations of the ERP Solution line, including strategic planning, business development, sales, marketing and support. Todd Tabel is Vice President of Supply Chain where he oversees U.S. and Canadian operations for the company’s eCommerce, Materials Management, Point-of-Use Supply, General Financials and Human Capital Management solutions. A recognized industry expert, Todd has spent his career in healthcare and hospital supply chain IT, developing solutions that drive new efficiencies and savings for today’s financially stressed healthcare providers. Todd has brought to market numerous innovations, including the industry’s first use of artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies to normalize data, determine medical-surgical functional equivalent product comparison, and harness a provider’s preferred product choice and contract to direct cost-saving sourcing and purchasing decisions. To date, these solutions have identified over $200M in annual savings opportunities.

Keeping it Clean…Are unorganized supply areas costing you money and compromising patient safety?

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Unorganized Supply Room Like Teenagers Bedroom

Part Two of Two Part Series Do your medical-surgical supply rooms remind you of a teenager’s messy bedroom — things hanging out, cluttered shelves and a look of general mayhem?  Unorganized supply areas are a marker of unorganized processes and the lack of an automated, integrated inventory management system.  This negatively impacts your financial and

Is Dirty Data Muddying Your Value Analysis?

Dirty Data Muddying Value Analysis

Part One of a two-part series Your item-master data not only supplies critical information you need for daily procurement and accounts payable activities, it’s also the starting point for your value analysis efforts. But your “source of truth” may not be so truthful. The fact is 30% to 40% of buyer systems are inaccurate.[i] With hospital

Can the Right Procurement System Drive
Non-Labor Savings?

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Right Procurement Savings

Things are tight in healthcare. Declining reimbursement means health systems are considering all options for margin management – from testing new revenue streams to reducing non-labor expenses 20% to 30%.[i] Optimizing quality and improving financial performance are perpetual objectives for any health system, but at McKesson, it’s become a cornerstone of our Better Health 2020™